Mindvalley Vs Gaia-Which is best for you?

Mindvalley Vs Gaia

If you are a person looking to make significant progress in a specific area of your life, Mindvalley is most suited for you.

If you are looking to learn new things about spirituality, meditation, yoga, and alternative medicine out of curiosity, then Gaia may be more suited for you.

This is our comparison of Mindvalley and Gaia.

I have done a significant amount of research on Mindvalley and Gaia. Visiting their official sites, and reading through customer reviews, I have identified the most important points we should consider while choosing between Mindvalley and Gaia. Finally, I have put all those important points in a table and also in a descriptive format.

ContentHigh-Quality ContentHigh-Quality Structured Content
PricingMonthly-$11.99 Yearly-$99, $299Monthly-$99 Yearly-$499
Got membership app?Both iOS and AndroidBoth iOS and Android
Student ResultsGoodHigh
Refund policyRefund within 7 daysRefund within 15 days
Sign upSign up for Gaia here Sign up for Mindvalley here

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Mindvalley Vs Gaia


Mindvalley’s course content is structured and action-oriented while Gaia got mostly documentary type of content. Mindvalley calls their action-oriented content as Quests.

Gaia is focused on providing educational material that evolves the consciousness of humanity, materials related to empowering human mind, body and soul are provided in the form of films, documentaries and original programs.

Gaia content consists of original series, documentaries and films, yoga and meditation classes, events+ while with Mindvalley most of the content is structured courses and short free versions of the courses called Masterclasses.

Gaia’s collection is huge with over 8000+ videos, while Mindvalley library is compartively low.

Specifically content includes classes on yoga, meditation, spiritual growth and alternative medicine.

All the classes are taught by experts. Yoga classes can be sorted based on style, skill level, class length, work outs for body parts, teacher and course length.

With meditation classes, you can them select based on style of meditation, teacher, duration, skill level, course length.

Gaia got Events, that will be either live events or workshops by thought leaders.


Both Gaia and Mindvalley got monthly plans.

Gaia monthly is $11.99 and yearly is $99. With both the plans you can try Gaia free for 7 days and if you can cancel within the 7-day period you won’t be charged.

With Mindvalley there is no 7-day free trial. You have to purchase monthly which is $99 or yearly at $499.

If you are interested in free stuff from Mindvalley, read the article is Mindvalley free?

With Gaia in order to get live events and recordings of past events, you have to choose Events + plan.
It costs $299/year. There is no 7-day free trial for this plan.

Compared to Gaia, Mindvalley is an all-in-one pack where you get all the courses with a single membership. But few courses are not available in Mindvalley membership:

Wildfit, Lifebook Online, Unlimited abundance, Unlimited abundance live, Evercoach, Holobody Certification program, Soulvana, these courses you have to buy separately.

For Gaia all the three plans got 8000+ videos. A health magazine is also included with the annual and events+ plan.
The monthly and yearly plan only include documentaries, to get live stream and past event recordings you need events+ which is $299/year.

All three plans-monthly, annual and events+ support laptop,tv, phone and tablet devices.

Student Results

As said above since Mindvalley courses are action oriented, they got more successful students and actively promote those testimonials in their sales page.

what students most like – spirituality, meta physical and yoga videos , try to answer the deeper questions of life-what is it, why we are etc – focused on evolving human consciousness

Do they got Apps

Both Mindvalley and Gaia got apps available in the iOS app store and Android Google play store.

Device supported

You can consume the content of both Mindvalley and Gaia in a web browser, tv, mobile app, laptop, and tablet.

Refund policy

For Gaia the first 7 days of both monthly and yearly plan is free, so if you cancel within the 7 day period you won’t be charged. With Mindvalley you can cancel the membership anytime and get a full refund,if done within 15 days.

Pros of Gaia

Gaia got a ton of content, about 8000+ videos across a wide range of categories. The monthly and yearly plan of Gaia is lower compared to Mindvalley.write about pros and cons of gaia, cons-authencity of the material covered

Gaia is listed in the stock market and has to report their earnings each quarter. Therefore shareholders have control over the type of content they are producing. This can be both helpful and at the same time can affect the kind of content Gaia is producing, depending on the kind of investors.

Cons of Gaia

The authenticity of material covered in Gaia is questionable as most of the materials may not be based on scientific facts or there is no proof available. But you may still get results if you take action on the content with belief.

Pros of Mindvalley

All courses in Mindvalley are in structured form called Quests. Quests are bite sized lessons that last typically a month. With this the content easy to consume and also actionable. This ensures that the students complete the lessons, take action and get results.

Unlike Gaia, Mindvalley is not listed in the stock market. Therefore Mindvalley has an independant nature regarding what courses they are creating.

Cons of Mindvalley

Mindvalley is expensive compared to Gaia. But you get what you pay for, with action-oriented lessons focused on a specific area of your life, Mindvalley is more suited for you if you want to make significant progress in your life.

Another rumor surrounding Mindvalley is their cult following. Is Mindvalley actually a cult or their members became raving fans because of their amazing courses and community, read here about it: Is Mindvalley a cult?

Is Mindvalley better than Masterclass?

Check this article to find out: Mindvalley vs Masterclass

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