How Does Mindvalley Make Money?

Mindvalley makes money in different ways, the most they make is by selling courses. Here are the list of ways through which Mindvalley makes money:

  1. Selling courses
  2. Through events-Both live and online
  3. Books written by Vishen Lakhiani
  4. Omvana Meditation App
  5. Selling products of other brands under Mindvalley

1. Selling courses

Mindvalley has a variety of courses related to different courses. You can get access to these courses through a yearly membership. The membership costs $499/ year. No matter what kind of business you are running, recurring revenue is one of the major revenue drivers of a thriving business. Mindvalley is good at this and they have thousands of members.

Mindvalley for business – In addition to individual memberships, Mindvalley also provides subscription services to businesses. Using this membership businesses can train their employees to boost their productivity and also help them grow individually.

Mindvalley business costs $499/year and the minimum enrollment required is 20 people. At certain times during the year, Mindvalley discounts the price and you can get it for $299/year.

2. Events – Mindvalley University & A-Fest

Mindvalley University

Mindvalley University is a 21-day event conducted at the best cities around the world. During the event, you get the chance to go deeper into personal growth topics that build real-world skills, along with a community of people who are interested in the same.

A Mindvalley membership is a prerequisite for enrolling into Mindvalley University. So firstly you have to get the Mindvalley membership for $499/year. Then the Mindvalley University tickets can be bought for 1 week, 2 weeks or 3 weeks.

For an adult, Mindvalley University is $599/week, for kids & teens $499 per head for a week, and $249/week for toddlers.

Mindvalley A-fest

Mindvalley conducts 4 day live events at beautiful locations around the world called A-fest. These events help people connect with each other, share ideas, make friendships and learn more about personal growth strategies.

A-fest events are action-packed with talks by experts, workshops to take your skills to the next level, fun activities, excursions and celebrations.

Only 350-400 tickets are typically available for A-fest and it starts from $3495. This price typically increases as the date of the event gets closer and closer. So if you are interested in A-fest better book your tickets earlier.

Books written by Vishen Lakhani

Another revenue generator for Mindvalley is the book written by Vishen Lakhiani, the founder of Mindvalley. So far he has published two books:

  1. The code of the extraordinary mind – In this book Vishen teaches that what we traditionally learn from the family and society are not helpful in succeeding in our life. Instead he suggest a new model to win in every area of our life.
  2. The buddha and the badass – This book is about how you can use spiriituality to succeed at work.

In addition to the above books, upcoming books by Vishen Lakhiani are Superhuman at work and Unfuckwithable.

Although the revenue from books is only a small part of the pie, they are helpful in building the personal brand of Vishen Lakhiani & Mindvalley, also getting new customers into the Mindvalley ecosystem.

Omvana Meditation App

Omvana meditation app is another revenue generator for Mindvalley. Omvana is helpful in achieving the flow state which can accelerate your performance and also productivity.

Omvana also got guided visualization that helps you in achieving your goals. Visualization is helpful in imprinting the goals you want to achieve into your subconscious mind. Once imprinted, the subconscious mind will work with conscious mind and provide you with the path to achieve your goals.

Omvana meditation app cost is $59.99/ year.

Other brands of Mindvalley

1. Lifebook

Lifebook is a 6-week online training where they teach you how to succeed in 12 areas of your life.

This program is taught by Jon and Missy Butcher. The course costs a one-time payment of $299 for lifetime access.

Considering over 56,000 students have joined the program, this course is a significant revenue generator for Mindvalley and also one of the most successful courses in Mindvalley.

2. Wildfit

Wildfit is a course that promises so many benefits-achieving ideal weight, amplifying your energy, getting better sleep, strengthening your immunity, getting rid of pain caused by diseases and unhealthy food.

The course is massive with over 30+hrs of content and looks like students are getting results with the course.

The course costs a one-time payment of $699 for lifetime access. With over 450k students enrolled, this is a cash machine for Mindvalley and also a very successful course.

3. Evercoach

Evercoach is a training program for those interested in becoming coaches, whether it is life coaching or business coaching.

In addition to teaching how to become an expert coach in a chosen field, Evercoach also teaches how to market coaching business, attract high-value clients and also get them results.

The course costs a one-time payment of $499 for lifetime access.

Although coaching is a very niche field, Evercoach has made a name for itself in the “training for coaches” segment and is a great revenue generator for Mindvalley.

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