Is Mindvalley Free?

Mindvalley works on a freemium model, where you get free classes and also you can subscribe to all the courses using Mindvalley membership. So Mindvalley is not free, but they do provide lots of valuable stuff for free. Let’s dive deep into it.

Type of courses in Mindvalley

Mindvalley provides paid courses and also free classes called Masterclass.

Mindvalley Masterclass

Mindvalley masterclasses are weekly free 60-90 minutes classes by Mindvalley teachers. Masterclasses take a single idea from a course and dive deep into it, also provide an overview of the full paid course.

Topics covered in the masterclass include personal growth, life planning, losing weight permanently , changing money mindset using Japanese techniques, unlocking brain power to learn faster, healing mind blocks, get fitter and stronger only using 10% of your current exercise time, access spiritual body, access altered states of consciousness.

Is Mindvalley Masterclass free?

Mindvalley Masterclasses are free. Masterclass are short duration videos of an hour or less, which introduce you to a particular course. These classes touch on the different aspects of the courses and also provide some useful information.

Mindvalley Masterclass price

As said above, Mindvalley Masterclass are free, so the price of each masterclass is $0 and all the Masterclasses are free to attend. You can join each Masterclass by providing your email address on the masterclass page and you will be given the link to attend the masterclass.

Mindvalley podcast- Is it free?

Mindvalley has two free podcasts.

  1. The mindvalley podcast with vishen Lakhiani – This podcast focuses on strategies on individual growth. Topics covered are related to mind, body, spirit and work.
  2. Selling with love podcast by Jason Campbell- This one focuses on strategies of growing business. If you are interested in learning sales, marketing and mindset stuff related to growing your business, then this podcast is for you.

How much does Mindvalley app cost? Is it free?

The Mindvalley app is free to download for Iphone and Android. Although the app is free to download, there is in-app purchase options available, which ranges from $100 to $500.

All Mindvalley programs are available in the app. Through the Mindvalley membership members can also attend live events.
In addition to the paid stuff, app users are also provided with free courses and also free 1 hr masterclasses.

For meditation lovers the app has a feature called omvana, where you will get guided meditation with relaxing sounds.

There are free meditation sessions available within the app, also there are free relaxing sounds.

Within the app you can use the today tab to get free daily meditation, visualization or hypno therapy sessions.

If you are tired of using Facebook, Mindvalley has its own social network called connections where you can connect with like minded people.

Mindvalley membership-How much does Mindvalley cost?

To access the Mindvalley courses you need to purchase Mindvalley membership. You can subscribe yearly at $499. If you don’t want to go the subscription route then Mindvalley provides free courses and also small duration classes called masterclasses.

Why is Mindvalley so expensive?

With the mindvalley subscription it is not really much expensive now. You can access all the mindvalley courses for an yearly subscription of $499.

All the courses in the mindvalley are created by the top experts in their respective fields, mindvalley also has a strict criteria for choosing their course creators.

The production quality of the courses are really high. They also has a world class studio. Mindvalley were also selected as one of the top coolest places to work in 2012 and 2019.

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