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You see there is no shortage of self-help courses, books, live events promising to change your life. But the thing is , have you ever got any satisfactory results going through numerous self help material?

I can say that the answer is “No”. This is the case because instead of “Executing” on the ideas we have gathered through self-help courses and books, we are constantly in the “consuming” mode.

We are always in the look for the next “secret” hack that will change our life. We start each book, course, video and blog post with this idea of finding something, some “idea” that we haven’t found yet.

If you look back this pattern was repeating in your life for years, yet you haven’t made any significant progress in your life.

I know because I have gone through this phase in my life.

Welcome! to 100dayaccelerator, my name is Kevin.

I started 100dayaccelerator.com as a way to produce significant progress in the life of the readers of my blog.
I am really convinced on the idea of using short period of time with strict deadlines and clear-cut goals to change our life.

Like if you focus on a single clear goal for the next 100 days, you will either achieve it or make significant progress on the goal.

All the blog posts I publish on 100dayaccelerator.com will be based on this idea. I will be publishing information related to achieving your entrepreneurial, career,relationship, fitness and wealth creation goals within a deadline of just 100 days.

This is going to be really exciting!

Let’s make the next 100 days of your life, the best 100 days !


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